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The Tallith is a prayer shawl worn by believers during prayer and various ceremonies. The Spirit of Yahuah passes through the Tallith via the written word. In the ACI community the names of Yahuah are inscribed upon the Tallith in a specific ritual called "Scríobhaim" (SKREE-AH-VAME).

When the Names and words of power are inscribed upon physical objects of the world, these words send vibrations out into the the physical world itself. Therefore words are more than mere tools for naming objects, or giving one access to objects. They also represent the life of these objects and our own lives in relation to those objects, but only if we learn to listen and interpret the vibrations of life that flow through all matter. The vibration of all life is the tetragrammaton.

The most exemplary trace is found in the Tallith. The Tallith is a rectangular piece of cloth that can be made of any pure material. In the ACI community it is made of wool, cotton, or silk. It is white with blue threads or ribbons flowing through it. The Tallith has four corners from which fringes (Tzitzith) hang. The Tzitzith are of a particular indigo color and are made of cotton or wool.

Before wrapping oneself in the Tallith the proper blessing is said aloud:

"Blessed art thou Yahuah our Elohim, King of the universe, who hast sanctified us by the Law, and hast commanded us to wear the fringed garments".


Our tallith katan is a high quality, kosher cotton garment which features reinforced stitching around the neck opening and on all four corners for durability.


Sizing Chart:

SizeU.S. Size
7   Small  20″  17.7″  
 8    Medium  22″  20.5″  
9  Large26.5″  23″  
10  Xtra Large 25″    25″
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