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Sacred Scriptures; ACI Study Edition: Torah, 2nd Ed. (Paperback)

Sacred Scriptures; ACI Study Edition: Torah, 2nd Ed. (Paperback)

Shattering what passes today for Christian doctrine, this will reconnect the reader with the true Apostolic Christianity of the primitive church. It presents for the first time in modern history the full canon of Scripture used by Messiah's disciple Joseph of Arimathea, who founded the Culdee Church in Britain in 37 A.D.
This Study Bible is a corrective translation that carefully uses mostly the "Essentially Literal Translation" method, but also employs the "Dynamic Equivalence" method of translation, for idioms, and other Hebraisms that would be lost by a more literal translation into English.
The doctrine and theological footnotes are the collation of 75 years of research and study by a multi-generational team of Bible scholars, Clergy, Linguistics Experts, Historians, and Archaeologists.
This edition returns and restores the True Names into Paleo-Hebrew and focuses carefully on the Two-House Message, and the impacts of the prophecies upon our lives in the modern times.
This presents the first section of a truly remarkable work.

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