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The Origins of the Church in Britain: Tracing the Path from Joseph of Arimathea

The establishment of the Church in Britain is an essential point in Christian history and the history of the world. Its origins are intricately intertwined with the story of Joseph of Arimathea, great uncle of Yahshuah Messiah. We will delve into the origins of the Church in Britain, starting with Joseph of Arimathea and his significant role in spreading Christianity to the British Isles.

Joseph of Arimathea was a prominent figure mentioned in the New Testament Gospel accounts. He was a prince of the House Of David and one of only four racially pure Judahites on the Sanhedrin council; a position he held until 36 A.D. He was the liason between the High Priest of the second temple and the “Right Teacher” of the Qumran Essenes. Joseph was a very powerful man who also held the title of “Decurion” which meant that he was a member of the Senate in the municipality. Joseph also in charge of a mining district; owned his own tin mines in Cornwall England as well as a shipping fleet. Joseph had contacts all over the Roman Empire. He was very wealthy and the Pharisees and Sadducees feared him. We know from historical records that after the passion; Joseph arrived in Gaul to teach and took eleven disciples of his and the Apostle Philip's and founded the very first above ground Christian Assembly in the world in Glastonbury England taking with him two masonry jars filled with the blood of Yahshuah. This new Congregation became known as the “Culdee” Assembly Culdee meaning Judean refugees. It was built on twelve hides of land granted to Joseph in perpetuity tax free, by King Arviragus of the Silurian dynasty of Britain in A.D. 37; the last year of the reign of Emperor Tiberius.

The Culdee Assembly easily converted the Silurian Druids who were themselves genetic Hebrews who were practicing a corrupted version of the Old Testament teachings. The first of Britain's royal family to accept the Apostolic Culdee Christianity faith was Bran the Silurian King and father of Caradog or Caracticus. Bran was instructed in the faith and baptized by Aristobulus Bishop to the Britons. Aristobulus was ordained by the Apostle Paul; Rom 16:10 and was known among the Britons as Arwystli. Aristobulus taught at the Culdee Assembly at Glastonbury and at the Assembly in Illtud in Wales (Siluria). The first official church in the British Isles was also the first Cymry church and was founded by Llerwg i.e. Lucius the grandson of Caradog. The church was established at Llandaf making Britain the first Christian nation in the world.

The Culdee and Cymry churches taught Apostolic Culdee Christianity throughout Britain and many more churches were built prior to the conversion of Emperor Constantine. The Culdee Assembly continued on consisting of twelve Anchorites in the Essene tradition each taking on a student. It was in this way that many men came to study with the Anchorites, among the most famous was St. Patrick who arrived there in 430 A.D. And was eventually declared Abbot of Glastonbury. The Anchorites of the true Assembly continued to teach and many key members of the Reformation studied with them or possessed their writings.

For more on this history, contact the Assembly of Christian Israelites,

By: Pastor General Bolte & Dr. Enoch Bar Tzadok

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